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Ranada's Bistro + Bar

Now serving Lexington

In our fast paced world it's easy to forget the good things life has to offer. We often feel so rushed and disconnected we forget how revitalizing it can be to sit and eat, drink with others - to share food, reconnect with the world that is near. Our passion at Ranada's is reconnecting people with food, and sharing it with others.

Ranada's is the brainchild of renowned chef Ranada Riley - featured on the Foodnetwork and with over 24 years experience in the industry. Our small staff has around 200 years combined experience and we are here to offer the absolute best dining experience to each and every patron. Ranada has crafted an eclectic menu that pays homage to some of her heroes while maintaining a consistent element of surprise and touch of what is still familar .. cooking you may call "home". Our walls are adorned by local artists, located on historic Old Vine Street, Ranada's offers diners a truly unique culinary and visual experience. Welcome to Ranada's .